Friday, August 30, 2013

The Joy of Playing in Possibility

Wow, the end of August and summer time is almost over for those of us living in the northern climes. I love the changing of the seasons however and even though we still have 3 weeks until fall I can feel the change in the air.

That's one of the reasons I ended up doing my new workshop called Playing in the Field of Infinite Possibility on the fall equinox, it's all about change. I wasn't actually thinking about that when I chose the date but there it is none the less.

The ideas for the workshop started developing a couple of weeks ago and really took on a life of their own. Working with clients, conversations with friends, a request to submit a workshop idea for a conference all kind of amalgamated into this new creation coming together. I love the way Life works when a sincere question is asked.

In the process of all things coming together, in my quiet time one morning I asked for some kind of symbol or sign that would really give the idea of an infinite possibilities workshop form and shape. Then I opened my eyes and looked up through the kitchen window and there was a beautiful little yellow butterfly. Butterfly! There it was, the perfect metaphor for the process of moving from our caterpillar thinking where we just see the blade of grass right in front of us to lifting off into a whole new perspective where all things are possible. I've been enjoying an even more incredible sense of open, optimistic possibility ever since.

It took a few days for the title to show up but the process of the workshop has been forming from the start. I will be using the butterfly metaphor throughout the workshop and the more I play with it the more powerful the process becomes because I am using it in my life as I prepare for the workshop. It reminds me of why I love doing these workshops in the first place; I get to play in that energy even more than when I am just going about my day to day life doing other things.

Then today I went to pick up my mail at my business address and what do I find but a beautiful thank you card with blue and yellows butterflies all over the front from a family I served a couple of months ago. There are no accidents.

If you're in the Edmonton area and would like to participate in this fun and transformational event you are most welcome to check it out on my website.

Namaste and have a fabulous Labour Day Weekend!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pondering The Five Ws in Our Lives

When someone close to us dies it is a time of great sadness as well as great opportunity. It is important to grieve the loss of a loved one and it is equally important to take the opportunity provided to review what is important in our own lives.

There is a tendency to kind of sleep walk through life, just surviving every day, working to get by, finding all kinds of distractions from feelings of emptiness and discomfort; simply living to exist always putting off those things that we really want to do ‘someday’.

Life is a beautiful and fragile thing however and it waits for no one. We do not know how long we have here nor do we know what the state of our health will be ‘someday’. Too often we put off even thinking about what is important to us or if we do we tend to relegate it to that murky some day that for some reason never seems to come. Even if it does, it is often very short lived, that life of our dreams because we put it off for so long.

Now is a good time to ponder and consider some of life’s big questions which we could look at from the perspective of a news reporter’s five w’s.

Who – Who do I want to be in relation to the people I care about? In relation to my work?  In relation to what I believe about life?  Is who I am being right now the person I envisioned I would be; if not, what is one thing I can do to change that?

What – What is most important to me in terms of what I want to contribute, how I want to express myself, what I want to experience at this time in my life? Am I living true to myself or have I sold my dreams for the illusion of security?

Where – Where do I want to spend my precious time? Where have I always dreamed of being? Am I there or at least taking steps to get there?  Or do I keep putting it off for some unknown time in an unknown future?

When – When am I going to take the step I know I need to take to move me closer to that life I’ve always dreamed of? When is it a good time to say yes to Life?  When am I going to stop putting off what I can actually do today?

Why – Why am I doing what I am doing with my life? Is it what I really want or am I living by default? Am I wasting my precious time asking questions like why is this happening to me or why can’t I have what I really want? If so, why not shift into questions like how can I live the life I know is in me now?

When we take the time to ask ourselves the important questions in life we are far more likely to experience more of what we want than when we spend our time looking for excuses or distractions.

Why waste another precious moment in regret or worry or want when we can be living right now in wonder and appreciation? 


Friday, August 9, 2013

The Fruits of Inner Labours

Summer is waning; you can see the leaves starting slowly to change colours, many of the flowers are done and others are in full bloom while the fruits of the harvest are ripening.

We are entering the season for gathering crops in the physical world. It is important to take the time to gather the fruits of our inner labours as well from time to time.

One thing I've noticed in my garden is how ready inner being is to experience a deeper level of appreciation for everything that is unfolding in my world. It has also been time to more fully embrace and integrate the parts of me that are represented by my mother. It seems to matter how much of this I do, there is always more and that's OK with me because it seems to be one of the ways that Life gently leads me to what I am to experience next.  Life is an expansive experience so it stands to reason that the more I consciously integrate what was previously rejected in life the more in alignment I am with the expansion that is taking place. 

There is much peace and grace in this place of acceptance and integration as each piece that has been denied comes home to rest. And so this is also the season for deep gratitude for the abundance of the harvest.

What has be ripening in the garden of your heart this summer?