Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trusting Life

I find it quite fascinating when I step deeper into an idea how beautifully the Universe unfolds so that I can experience the essence of it completely. Since I got clear on the core essential for me at this point in my life being to trust Life completely there has been this amazing awareness of the places where I do and the places where I do not trust life. When it isn't just about lip service, the contrast is remarkable.

Whether I am in the flow or I find myself worrying or doubting I see with such clarity that either way life is unfolding exactly is it should and that all is truly working perfectly. If there is fear, it is an opportunity to bring peace and compassion to that in me which still believes in some fearful idea; if there is flow there is the opportunity to be aware and grateful. Actually either scenario is an opportunity to be grateful because as far as I can tell it's all working for whatever it is I am here to experience. Sure there are ups and downs and contrasts but there isn't anything 'wrong' with any of it unless I think it is so.

Life really isn't black and white at all, it's full of colour and nuance and beauty and I am so grateful for it all!


Saturday, March 9, 2013

What Is, Is

It seems I have little to share these days. I've been fairly busy but there seems to be something else behind my lack of incentive to write in this blog.

I've come to a deeper place of acceptance of myself and others so what is there really to say? We are experiencing what we are experiencing and it's all OK as far as I can tell. If someone experiences the desire to change things and get help, great, I'm there. If someone is going through painful times and I can be of comfort, great, I'm there. If someone is not, great, I'm happy to accept that and celebrate where you are in the moment; happy, sad, angry, ecstatic, afraid or in denial.

When I find myself feeling uncomfortable then that is the right place for me to be and what I do with it will be revealed as I go along. I honestly have no idea what is coming or where life is actually taking me and I admit there are times that I get into worry but that is soon turned into wonder. There are times I am feeling a lot of pain but I don't think it's particularly personal, it's what is moving through this expression, it isn't who I am. When I'm tired, it's time to rest; when I'm full of energy it's time to move with that. If I have obligations, they are mine to deal with and if that needs to change then it will. If I'm crabby it's not better or worse that if I'm happy; it's just different. As my beloved is so fond of saying, there isn't good weather or bad weather, there's just different weather.

Today I'm off to Vegas for a few days. I'm glad to be going and when that is done, I'll be back and life just continues. I do admit I'm looking forward to the sounds and sights and the great food as well as some mild weather though, not that it's been hard to be here in our weather of late.

I enjoy having a variety of experiences and might as well go with that while I still can. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Right now is the day of either our content or discontent. Might as well enjoy it.