Friday, January 24, 2014

New 40 Day Focus Challenge

Do you ever stop to think about what is most important to you at this point on your journey? I've often stopped and pondered this very idea in the past but you know, it's been a little while now. I talk about it a lot at my celebration of life services but I notice that I've been just kind of going along these days and haven't really spent any time with this question.

It isn't a small question so I don't think it's about taking a couple of minutes to 'think' about it. It's more of a time to do a little inner house cleaning and see what is arising from the depths of Being at this stage on my journey.

One of the reasons I sense it's time for this process to be taken on in earnest is that my body seems to be trying to get my attention in a fairly big way these days. I've been feeling a kind of pressure in my head that often turns into headaches which is unusual for me.

There's no time like the present to get started so as soon as I post this I am going to begin a brand new 40 day focus (which I have not done in some time now) on creating space to allow the answer to my question of what is most important for me to focus on at this point in my journey? I'll be using the Liberation Process to work through the layers of ideas and beliefs that have been re-accumulating over the past while and get to that clear space once again.

Anyone game to join me? If so you're welcome to email me at or PM me on Facebook and let's support each other in staying on this course of discovery.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Set Goals or Surrender

I so rarely get here these days I'm not sure what to even talk about. I don't do New Year's resolutions, or set goals or anything like that so I'm not going to talk about that in my first blog posting of the year.

That may seem strange to some of you, isn't living a conscious life all about setting intentions and goals and stuff? Maybe for some it is and if you feel drawn to doing that go for it, it is what is right for you.

I've half halfheartedly tried that in the past but the other half of my heart has not been willing to participate so now I'm listening and realizing that my life is about surrender at this stage, not about 'making' things happen. I see my 'job' as one of appreciation and wonder for what is even when that what is seems to be other than ideal. What is ideal anyway? Some preconceived notion that is limited by my narrow point of view? What if life has other ideas in mind for me that are far beyond what I can conceive?

It isn't that there aren't things I want to do; I want to go to Hawaii this spring for instance and we are making our plans to do so. The thing for me is to stay flexible and open and see what's right here, right now and make the most of that.

If I'm not happy with something it's usually due to a lack of sleep or not taking time every day to be still and pay attention to my inner world. I notice my thoughts are far more critical when I'm not up to par but even at that, it's my own thoughts that are making me unhappy, not what's going on in the world. I notice what I'm thinking and it doesn't take long to realize what's going on and make the shift. Conversely if there is something painful in my life that I no longer want or need then it's time to make a change.

It really isn't all that complicated, the universe is always communicating; the only question is am I listening?