Thursday, December 30, 2010

What If...

What if life was indeed unfolding the only way it could?
What if things like choice and free will were part of this amazing illusion of being individuals, living separate, insular lives?
What if this experience wasn't about 'love' as we generally perceive it or some kind of fairy tale future or after life at all but rather about life being life and everything in it being exactly as it was designed to be?
What if we actually just become aware of 'choices' rather than making them, therefore acting out of the isness of life rather than creating it?
What does that seem to imply for you? Does it bring up resistance, fear, anger, rejection, the desire to argue or does it bring a modicum of peace and relief?
Does this mean we are not responsible for our thoughts and actions and if so what does that mean in terms of making this a better world (whatever that means)?
How would your life be different if you knew that every thought, belief, action and experience was perfect and fully in alignment with Life as it is unfolding in your perception?
What if you could trust Life that much?
That's really the bottom line isn't it? Do I trust Life or do I think 'I', this little bundle of thought patterns with this little tiny point of view, really need to be in charge and that I am 'making' things happen.
Kind of makes me giggle when I think about it. Even the most shameful, ridiculous, moronic activity I have experienced is part of the perfect pattern of life? Every event on this planet is part of this perfect pattern and already is what it is even if it hasn't yet been experienced, including what may be our self-destruction?
Hmmm, kind of makes you wonder doesn't it?
If that is indeed the way it is, then what is there for me to do? What's the point? What's the meaning of it all?
What now? Chances are you'll just do what you do, think what you think and if the way you do life changes it changes, or it doesn't. Doesn't really matter, it will be what it is. If the call is to explore life from a different perspective you will, if you keep your current view, that's what's right for you too.
Whew, what a relief not to have to fit in or conform or think or be like anyone else. Unique, amazing, perfect exactly as you are, as life is. Yes, I do mean all of it.
What if....

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's The Hold Up

I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday. We were talking about what we've both been up to of late. I talked about my process of breaking down belief systems and assumptions and creating this blog and website, etc. She brought up a very good point in that she could not see her way to not believing some of the things that were creating a fair bit of unhappiness for her such as the belief that marriage was supposed to be forever and that she had to not only work to make a living but work at something that wasn't really feeling great. These are not only personal beliefs but tend to be culturally more common than not.
So what about ideas like these? What makes them so powerful? What makes people unwilling (seemingly unable) to break through them? Of course it's our old friend and companion fear (isn't it always?). Fear of what? Could be a number of things; starving, dying, being out of control, shame, guilt, the unknown, but the real issue is the fear itself; the reluctance people have to allow themselves to be fully present to it, to stare it down so to speak, to question its validity, to be present to that which is  behind the fear. It is one big smoke screen my friend. Reminds me of the Wizard of Oz and how big and powerful he made himself appear yet behind the curtain was a little man, fearful and as powerless as anyone else. Ah yes, powerlessness, who wants to be with that? Personal power, yet another illusion that we love the idea of yet for the most part find we do not truly possess. The drive for power is the quest to get away from the deep feeling of powerlessness and whether we attain some modicum of power in the world or we end up feeling like victims of it, the illusion of power/powerlessness I assure you is lurking back there somewhere. You cannot have one without the other in the dualistic nature of creation. What if neither were real? What if power/powerlessness is yet another concept we have bought into hook, line and sinker and never bothered to question? The best most people do is create strategies to cope with it or fight it; either way, the belief in the concept generally goes unquestioned and unchallenged and so the status quo is maintained.
Never thought of challenging these concepts before? Great, now's your chance. One thing I will say about the process of breaking through belief systems though, until a concept has run its course for you it is not likely that you will even bother to question it and that is perfectly fine by me. Everything comes up if and when you are called to it and you may never be called to it. There is nothing right or wrong either way, just another way to be in life. If you are called to question your beliefs and concepts one thing I would advise is that you do so with gentleness; the process is painful enough as it is.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I just have to share this video with you about the power of conformity. It's an old Candid Camera segment that is both hilarious and is a great visual reminder of just how conditioned we are.
Power of Confirmity

Monday, December 13, 2010

As I begin a new phase of life, so I begin a new blog. I have blogged previously, sharing my process as a new thought minister with the intention of giving people a perspective on the process of transformation. That is no longer my intention or my process.
My inquiry thus far has led me to realize that what I have held as true and important has been anything but that. I no longer subscribe to philosophies that actually create separation (by the way, they all do) but rather have come to a place where the act of being without the clouds of beliefs, concepts, assumptions and philosophies has become most attractive. That is not to say that I am beyond any of those very human ways of dealing with life but that I see them for what they are, fear based means of coping with the unknown.
Life is full of unknowns which for the most part makes us very uncomfortable.  So what do we generally do with what we don't understand? We give it meaning, usually borrowed from what others have come up with, that has nothing to do with what is really going on but it gives us a way to cope, to comfort ourselves, even though most of the meanings we give things are utterly false, limiting and self-defeating. Over time we come to see these meanings as the truth about life and so we simply don't question them and if we do we tend to just give them other made up meanings that feel better for a while perhaps but ultimately still leave us caught up in the web of our own illusion, floundering and unhappy.
To simply admit that we don't know what most things mean is a very scary place for most people; it tends to lead to a sense of being out of control (the idea of control being another belief we tend to hold dearly). What if we (these bundles of thought patterns we identify as 'I') really don't have control, at least not in the sense we generally recognize? What if we are actually part of larger patterns of life itself and so are actually only experiencing this very tiny piece of the puzzle, not personally creating it? Sound fatalistic? Perhaps, but only when dropped into a belief system that is fearful (and they all are). What if you could see through the fearful beliefs and just be right now? What might it look like then?
A bientot