Sunday, October 20, 2013

Doing What I Love

It seems I so rarely take the time to write these blog posts of late. Much of it is because it has been a busy time and when I am on the computer I am usually researching and writing services or looking for appropriate songs.

I love the process of preparing for end of life services and weddings and baby namings (don't do many of these but I love it when I do). It's a sacred time for me to connect with the spirit of the loved one lost and their family or the couple who is entering a new phase in their lives. I also get to meet all kinds of people and be witness to the many different ways people deal with both loss and new beginnings.

 Sometimes I feel very connected to the families I work with and sometimes I do not. This is a normal part of the process because we all deal with grief and change very differently. Some become more vulnerable, others more guarded. Each one is precious however and I honour the many ways we all deal with life.

At this moment I am feeling very introspective and am particularly aware of the sacredness of life itself. In the stillness of the moment I feel the blessing of peace and the wonder of the mystery and majesty of the ever unfolding universe in all its diversity and beauty. I am grateful for the times I share with others and for the quiet moments alone as I do what I love to do.

Just feeling so much appreciation for it all and wanted to share that with you who happen to read this.


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